Parents’ Reviews


Apple (mother of child with ASD)

″Having Teacher Daniel for my boy ST was one of the best decision we had made.. We have seen a huge leap in terms of speech and engagement in my back then 2.5yo son.. From someone who didn’t have much eye contact to someone who could initiate engagement with me. Most importantly, my son enjoys his sessions with him.

He is very approachable, always willing to share. He gave me reassurance and calms an over worried mind. If I had the choice, I would definitely continue with him without any doubt.

Since then, I have always recommend Tr Daniel to whoever who needed a speech therapist. It is not easy to see someone so passionate and sincere about his job.″

Jolene (Parent of child with ASD)

″We have tried a few ST for my 4 years old son and Daniel is our preferred choice. He is energetic and able to engage my son. One thing I like about Daniel is that he will explain clearly the rationale behind his approaches. He is technically competent. Most importantly, we see great improvements with my boy after his sessions.
Will not hesitate to recommend Daniel to my family and friends who needs a Speech Therapist.″

(Parent of child with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and submucous cleft palate)

″Our 6 year old boy, Dylan, has been with Daniel since 2018. We’re actually very sad to stop sessions, but Teacher Daniel affirmed that Dylan is ready to develop at his own pace now, and we trust Daniel.

We actually got to know Teacher Daniel by chance, when he stood in for another therapist who was unwell. In that very first session, we saw how well Daniel connected with Dylan, and how he made therapy so fun for a 4 year old, we were simply in awe of him. Just with 1 session, Dylan would keep requesting if he could see Teacher Daniel again.

With that, when Daniel started Speech Bubbles, we decided to wait for him for 6 months before he could start therapy with Dylan. It was one of the best decisions we have made for Dylan, as we see Teacher Daniel working his magic with him through the years. That 6 months delay had no impact on Dylan’s speech development at all, because he flourished under Teacher Daniel’s guidance.

Dylan has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and is fitted with hearing aids since 7 months old, he also had a submucous cleft palate which was corrected at 2.5 years old. After recovering from surgery, he had regular speech therapy but had little or no progress, until we met Daniel.

Daniel’s professional knowledge is not limited to just speech therapy. He has a deep understanding of children’s psychological behaviour, and he is able to analyse behaviour/issues/situations, and work together with us to formulate a solution in the child’s best interest. Most importantly, he was able to translate his professional knowledge into something that we could understand as parents, and use it to help Dylan.

Daniel is really the best speech therapist that any child and parent could ever have, and it is our blessing to have crossed paths with him and have him teach Dylan for 2 years.

Thank you for all the hard work & heart work with Dylan, thank you for being such a kind and caring Teacher, thank you for your understanding and patience with us, thank you for being so passionate in what you do. We hope for more children to go through your guidance, so that they’ll flourish like Dylan did.″

Ashlyn (Parent of a child with a syndrome and GDD)

″Our soon- to-be- 5 year old has been with Daniel since he turned 2. Daniel was the second speech language therapist we have engaged and we never regret to stick with him ever since.

He is extremely good with young children, positive, quick witted and adopts much flexibility during the lessons. We can feel that he is passionate about his work and never fails to bring constructive advices to parents (and even to those whom did not manage to engage him).

In a nutshell, our son has shown much improvement in his speech over the years, from being non-verbal to a little chatterbox now. Daniel is probably just cut out to be a speech therapist and I would highly recommend him to parents looking for a speech therapist.″

Stella ( mother of child with ASD)

″Daniel is such a young, confident and passionate therapist I’ve met.

One thing I would like to highlight is he is very quick witted where he conducts his therapy with full of “flexibility”. He works towards his objective according to the child’s mood or temperament. He doesn’t give up teaching even if the child is in a foul mood or if the child avoids the tasks. He’d try all ways and means to get the child complete the task, “educate” me on what was he doing and how I can apply it to our daily life which is really important for a parent. Needless to say, he has already built a “love-hate” relationship with my boy.

Furthermore, he listens to the parent’s requests and give suggestions on how to help the child. Whenever my husband and I have any difficulties with my boy, we’ll raise it to Daniel and he won’t hesitate to help.

Thumbs up to this dude!″

Alice (Parent of child with DLD)

″Daniel was a gift for my Son. My Son was 4 when he started with Daniel. Then he was unable to articulate many sounds and was not able to express himself due to the lack of understanding and knowledge of sufficient words. In terms of peer comparison he was at below 30th percentile. We had 40 wonderful and fun filled sessions with Daniel. Today my Son is confident and talking non-stop! Daniel was patient with my Son who is easily distracted and my child looked forward to every lessons. Thanks Daniel! I will not hesitate to recommend him to any child who needs a little helping hand with his/her speech.″

Yean Hoon (Parent of child with ASD)

″Aden just started two weeks ago and I have already seen improvement in his speech. I wonder what magic Daniel has? Just met twice and Aden has been asking for teacher Daniel Everyday. Engaging, patient therapist whom any child will like. Thanks Daniel!″

Felicia (Parent of child with Phonological disorder)

″My daughter enjoys her lessons with teacher Daniel. She looks forwards to attending his class every week. Daniel has been an effective teacher, and my daughter’s speech has improved a lot. Daniel is able to conduct classes well through many fun and energetic play activities. A highly recommended teacher!″

Joelle (Parent of child with DLD)

″Daniel is a great therapist who is focus, reliable, patient & loving towards kids!
My son have improved tremendously in just 16 sessions with him!!
He’s always asking for Teacher Daniel at home & has never ever mention his preschool teachers.
This just shows how much impact his therapy has!″

Jean P (Parent of child with Dyslexia)

″Daniel is capable to make his speech therapy session into a fun filled learning class. He is always full of energy, cheerful and he handles kids very very well. Only 6 sessions with Daniel and my son has named him his #1 favourite teacher among all his teachers from preschool and enrichment classes! He is always looking forward to Daniel’s speech therapy.″

LP Phua (Parent of child with GDD)

″My son has been attending Daniel’s speech therapy regularly since June this year and within 3 months, my son’s memory, psychomotor skills, articulation, and vocabulary bank have improved heaps. Thanks to Daniel’s professional skills, I can see that my son is now more confident in communicating. He is speaking louder and is getting more responsive. He is also able to read aloud a book on his own. My son has really enjoyed Daniel’s lessons as he is always engaging him in fun activities. I am truly appreciative of Daniel’s patience and care for my son, and I strongly recommend Daniel to parents who are looking for a professional speech therapist.″

MK (Parent of child with ASD)

″My 2 year old really looks forward to his session with Daniel! He gets super excited to see him every other Monday. Daniel is very engaging and animated, and he has his way of keeping my son’s attention and focus to complete a task. In just 3 months my son went from completely non-verbal to saying about 4-5 words and communicating with sign language, and his attention span has also increased over the past few months using the strategies/tools recommended by Daniel. I highly recommend him!″